Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two, Three, Four and Easter.

As of late, we have officially have a 2 1/2 year old , a three MONTH old, and a four year old. How did this happen?

I can't believe we made it to three months as a family of five. When I asked a friend once upon a time what it was like to have three small children: she said we "divide and conquer." That has certainly been the name of the game here. Not an approach Porter and I want to maintain. It's not fun having to divide up the children and operate without each other side by side . But I sense we are slowly coming out of it- getting our new family rhythm down.

Here is the first of several highlights. Easter. My family came to town (well, half of them) and rented the same house in Gruene. It was so fun to watch the cousins hunt Easter eggs together like they had never seen a piece of candy before- and to see all the grand kids in Easter outfits their parents once dawned. Nice work saving our Easter bests, Mom!

My seeester and I , Emily
 My mom and I spent good Friday at La Cantara shopping. She bought me this shirt at Anthropologie. I love her for it. It is a great postpartum belly hider. I wear it often.  :)
Thanks Mom!
Speaking of my mom, and shopping- she has a propensity of buying all the menfolk in our family the same shirt for the same occasion and thinks she's the funniest thing around.
Anyway, baaack to Easter: 

Rhett used his Easter basket quarters to buy...the Sunday paper. Well why not? Love him.

And I love that he calls his cousin Ellie, "Ell." They truly are besties.
 Emily and Porter...they think they are sooo funny.

Kate and Cheo:
My sweet nephew Campbell, who sat still for .2 nanoseconds so I could take this picture:

 Could he be the cutest boy in an Easter bow tie?
Easter at church. 

The some form..

Campbell wearing my brother Tommy's smocked Easter attire from the good ol' days. 

I'd like to take a moment and compare this  favorite photo of mine to one that was taken at the same place, same holiday and Porter wearing the same suit- with our same Nina Lane. 
2013: Porter and his girls


While we are on that subject- let's take a walk down Easter memory lane, shall we?

2011 pre church picture: 

 And Easter 2012- the year I put off the blog. So here we are catching up- 

Easter morn'. Someone is too 'busy' to smile for the camera- can you spot him?

Earlier that Easter week I had some girlfriends over for some egg dying in the backyard. And yes Emily, that is your bedspread. And Holley- what is Jack doing?

2012 will also go down as the year I hosted my first Easter lunch at which my whole family attended including my brother Coleman and his girlfriend Tania (insert hearts). And the year that the Robinson kids wore bunny ears EVERYWHERE- like it ain't no thang. 

Rhett and Tania. I love this picture. And this swing. 

That's enough of you, Easter!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh Day Happy

This will probably go down as one of the most fun last minute parties we pulled off.
I have a little obsession with the blog Oh Happy Day .  It's a kind of crafty, all things holiday, and party throwing blog. In other words, a blog after my own heart.  So when I saw this post the week of 
St. Patrick's Day (a day we never before paid attention), Porter and I decided to make a thing out of it. 

What's another holiday-eh?

We had a few friends over for some green punch-

A true pot-luck:

And, prior to their arrival a *leprechaun* had taken note, and wrapped our entire house in a rainbow (of yarn) with a pot of gold (chocolate coins) at the end of it. 
The kids had to:
 1. Listen to Porter's explanation of  St. Patrick's Day (he was a real Evangelical Christian- who knew? Go Pat!) and 2. Find the end of the rainbow in order to get to the pot of gold.

 It was the most fun. 

And that was our day. 
So glad the end of St. Patrick's day meant the end for this stache-
Be warned...